Landfill lining systems provide permanent protection of soils and groundwater from the pollutants in a landfill. Lining system requirements are often specified in national regulations and GCL series products have become common components of these systems.

GCL fulfill the stringent containment parameters of landfill liner regulations. GCL provide an efficient, significantly effective and durable barrier for long-term environmental protection, but achieving this effectiveness requires proper design, specification and installation of the geosynthetic system. To remove waste for repair or remediation of an improperly designed or executed barrier system is technically difficult and expensive.

Our professional working team leads to the first manufacturer and exporter and standard setter in geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) in China.

TMATis the leading founder for GCL composite vertical barrier and providing design and construction services in worldwide.

We development many special products for complex engineering situation, meanwhile we are the provider of the project design and construction.



Landfill lining system

※Landfill capping

※Informal landfill restoration

※Vertical anti-seepage barrier

※Landfill emergency treatment

※Landfill operation and management



TMAT used in Landfill of Bangkok Thailand

TMAT used in Landfill of Foshan China

GCL Vertical anti-seepage used in Informal landfill Jinghai China

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