Professional anti-seepage solution provider

Professional anti-seepage solution provider,Tianjin Zhonglian Gelin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (TMAT™) established in 2009. TMAT™ professional working team leads to the first manufacturer and exporter and standard setter in geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) in China.TMAT™ is the leading founder for GCL composite vertical barrier and providing design and construction services.


Tianjin Zhonglian Green Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in February 2009


Company predecessor was founded

Developed a GCL production line and identified it through scientific research

Participated in the publication of industry standards

Published industry standard JG/T 193-2006 released

Zhonglian Gelin was formally established

Tianjin Zhonglian Gelin Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established

Quality standards passed international certification

Passed the British Lloyd's ISO9001 and CE certification/ Become TENCATE OEM supplier

Continuous research and development

GCL conforms to vertical anti-seepage barrier development and testing

Receive government rating

Awarded Tianjin Science and Technology SMEs

Major events of the year

The product was selected as "2017 Water Conservancy Advanced Practical Technology Key Promotion Guide Catalogue"
The national standard GB/T 25470-2017 was published
Obtained the first GCL composite vertical barrier invention patent
The first GCL composite vertical anti-seepage engineering application:Jinghai Dongcheng Landfill Project

Major events of the year

The second project: the completion of the Dingyuan project
The third project: Lingbi project authorization implementation
Obtained the second GCL vertical anti-seepage invention patent authorization
Participated in the "Technology and Performance of Geosynthetics Second Edition"

Major events of the year

The fourth project: the completion of the project
The fifth project: completion of the Ninghe project
Application for high-tech enterprises (municipal high-tech has been approved)
GCL vertical composite anti-seepage barrier scientific and technological achievements identified as international advanced
Obtain environmental engineering construction qualification

Major events of the year

Approved as a national high-tech enterprise
Won two second prizes of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress
Obtained construction qualifications for municipal general contracting and foundation engineering
Participated in the national key research and development project-the composite pollution diffusion barrier technology of the acidified waste rock yard in the mining area

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  • 2009
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Product quality has reached the
international advanced level

  • Use high quality sodium bentonite
  • Select US imported needle
  • Select high quality sodium bentonite
  • Select high quality plain weave textile
  • ISO 9001 certificated by Lloyd’s Register
  • CE marked certificated by Lloyd’s Register

API service

Provide project whole process service


Assist survey on site & project design


Customized products


Install professional construction team & special equipment

R & D

We have obtained 18 patents about horizontal and vertical anti-seepage products and technologies.

  • GCL composite vertical anti-seepage barrier technologies
  • Highway-specific enhanced GCL research and production
  • Research on PRB permeable reaction wall
  • Study on anti-seepage and isolation performance in different PH condition
  • Research on anti-seepage and adsorption and isolation performance in heavy metals and sewage and other environments
  • Research on product durability and ecological performance under natural conditions

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