Vertical anti-seepage barrier


Vertical Anti-Seepage barrier is an important way to block pollutants and groundwater migration, however, the conventional vertical anti-seepage technology is mostly developed from the dam seepage prevention in hydraulic engineering and the application environment has limitations, especially, its difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection engineering, because of we have to face many complex polluted environment and higher anti-seepage requirements.

The GCL Composite Vertical Anti-Seepage Barrier is a new composite vertical anti-seepage system that is combined GCL and reactive barrier. The reactive barrier controls the migration of pollutants through blocking and adsorption and reaction, to reduce the concentration and toxicity of pollutants, while GCL greatly improved the anti-seepage performance of the vertical barrier, so that the GCL composite vertical anti-seepage barrier can deal with complex polluted environments.

The GCL Composite Vertical Anti-Seepage Barrier is our unique new technology, up to now have been used in six projects, this new technology solved a lot of defects of traditional vertical barriers, including the low permeability performance and poor chemical compatibility and great difficulty in construction and by-pass seepage. The permeability of GCL composite anti-seepage system is no more than 1x10-8cm/s that is full compliance with the relevant design standards and requirement of environment engineering.



Landfill Vertical Anti-Seepage Barrier

Contaminated in situ repair

Informal landfill capping

 Mining repair




GCL Composite Vertical Anti-Seepage Barrier in informal landfill capping

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