Contaminated Site


We development many special products for complex Contaminated site, meanwhile we provide series service of the project design and construction of Contaminated site.

To achieve a better ecological, economical and higher performance GCL for encapsulating contaminated sites a multi-component TMAT® GCL laminated an impermeable HDPE Geomembrane can be used. It helps make GCL installations even more effective, safer and longer lasting as two barrier systems are installed in one step. The multi-component TMAT® HDPE laminated GCL improves the overall performance and reduces the risks of a single lining system. Geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners encapsulate contaminated areas safely and permanently, mitigating or eliminating pollutant discharge.

TMAT® Heavy Metal Resistance GCL is a new environmentally friendly products of our company, materials of anti-heavy-metal and anti-seepage tightly fixed between three geotextiles through fiber, product not only has good anti-heavy-metal effect and have outstanding barrier properties. The product combine anti-seepage and pollution control, have originality and uniqueness.

TMAT® Heavy-duty GCL is a kind of impermeable covering material made of GCL, sand and geotechnical nonwoven fabric through the suture process. GCL permeability coefficient=5×10-9cm/s has excellent barrier performance, which can effectively isolate the upper water body from the bottom pollutants. According to the treatment target and pollutant type, granule or powder type GCL can be selected. GCL gram weight4500g/m2.GCL is covered with sand10kg/m2, which greatly increases the proportion of the material.



※Contaminated site capping

※Contaminated site restoration

vertical anti-seepage barrier

※Contaminated site emergency treatment

Sludge treatment

※Sediment cover



Heavy Metal contaminated site treatment in Qiqi Haer China

TMAT® Heavy-duty GCL used in the contaminated river

GCL Vertical anti-seepage barrier used in the contaminated site 

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