Mining Revegetation


The daily mining rates, scale of single-site operations, and costs associated with mining increase every year. Advances in extraction technologies have greatly increased recovery rates from ore bodies. Mine designs previously thought to be too big to be possible are achieved every year or two so that an average mine today is significantly larger than an average mine just 10 years ago.

We are facing a lot of issues after mining, such as stable of slag stacking, heavy metal pollution, ecological restoration, TMAT® Mining Revegetation GCL is to add a layer of plant growth nutrition layer on the GCL, the lower layer of clay liner has excellent impermeability and water retention effect, the upper layer of nutrition for the growth of plants to provide sufficient nutrients.



Heavy metal isolation

※Mining revegetation

※Slag cover




TMAT® Mining Revegetation GCL used in Mining revegetation & Heavy metal isolation

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