As the leader of industry development, we have a good understanding of GCL's various problems in production and use. In order to give full play to GCL's best effect, our company has launched GCL "a.p.i." service plan to provide customers with GCL's whole service from the source to the end.

Project assistance assist: cooperate with customers to conduct field investigation on the project, and recommend the best GCL product type according to the requirements of engineering design specifications and actual engineering conditions.

Customized production: with leading production process and a number of patent technology reserves, it can produce conventional or special GCL for customers according to site survey, engineering requirements and governance objectives.

Construction and installation: our company has a set of professional installation operation process and mechanized construction equipment, which solves the problems of GCL products' installation difficulties caused by large volume and weight, low construction efficiency, and ensures the construction progress and installation quality.

A.p.i. service plan is a set of feasible plans confirmed by a large number of practical activities. It not only has strong product pertinence, but also has high construction efficiency, guaranteed project quality, saved a large number of costs for customers, and avoided customers' worries.

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