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The company was formerly known as Tianjin Kerun Huida Nonwovens Co., Ltd. It has been engaged in GCL-related production, scientific research and construction for nearly 20 years since it undertook the project of Tianjin Science and Technology Commission in 2003 and was responsible for the establishment of the GCL production line. Our company has two advanced GCL sodium bentonite waterproof blanket production lines, with an annual production capacity of more than 5 million m2 and a daily production capacity of about 20,000 m2. Product width, length, gram weight and other parameters can be customized according to customer requirements. Most application scenarios.


The company has strong scientific research strength and can carry out directional research and development and production according to the user's application environment. The company's advanced production technology, high degree of equipment automation, and complete testing equipment can fully ensure that all indicators of raw materials and products meet or exceed national standards and customer requirements. The company's supplier management is strict, which can ensure the timely, quality and quantity supply of various raw materials required for production to meet production needs.

The weight of each roll of GCL is about 1 ton. The material transfer and laying and installation require the help of machinery. The company has professional loading and unloading hangers and construction equipment to facilitate product loading and unloading, turnover and construction.


Case introduction: Our company's GCL continues to be certified and purchased by the Hong Kong SENT Landfill project

The procedures for SENT landfill operations are very strict. First developed in 1995 by a US consulting firm, the specification has not changed since then, and the independent inspection engineer remains AECOM headquartered in the US. To become a supplier of SENT landfill and AECOM, the material must go through strict testing. AECOM stipulates that the minimum value and CV value of each test index of the product must meet the requirements at the same time, which puts forward higher requirements for the production process and product stability. AECOM company and the owner strictly review the MQC (Manufacturer Quality Control) documents. After the MQC passes the review, samples are randomly selected and sent to a third-party laboratory (US TRI) for CQA testing. Shipment is only possible after both MQC and CQA have passed the project specification and approved by the customer.


Following the successful application of our company's GCL to the SENT landfill project for the first time in 2020, our company and AECOM will further strengthen cooperation in 2021 and 2022, greatly increasing the supply of GCL. The company's product quality and service awareness are highly recognized by customers, which is attributed to the company's excellent product quality and strict quality management system. We will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "Easy to do with meticulousness, and only refinement", insist on investment in scientific research and development, continuously improve product quality and technical strength, and continue to provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

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