Flexible Vertical Barrier


The flexible vertical barrier is a new type of composite vertical barrier solution that can meet the requirements of environmental protection and anti-seepage levels. GCL vertical barrier technology is one of the main flexible vertical barrier technologies. GCL vertical barrier is a new composite vertical anti-seepage technology composed of GCL composite components and low-permeability walls. The low permeability wall material is backfilled in the groove to build a composite vertical anti-seepage barrier with anti-fouling and anti-seepage functions. The low-permeability wall initially blocks and adsorbs pollutants, while GCL improves the overall anti-seepage performance, and the multi-layer structure is coordinated with each other, which solves the shortcomings of the existing vertical anti-seepage technology such as low anti-seepage level and easy leakage at joints. It can cope with complex pollution environment.

Schematic diagram of GCL vertical barrier barrier
The GCL vertical barrier is developed on the basis of conventional anti-seepage walls. It is technically safe and reliable, and the anti-seepage coefficient is less than 1×10-7cm/s, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and anti-seepage. Customized transformation of GCL into composite components, combined with special construction machinery and construction technology, realizes the vertical laying and construction of flexible GCL in the groove. GCL vertical barrier technology can design or select appropriate GCL and wall types according to engineering requirements and pollutant characteristics to adapt to different application environments. GCL vertical barrier technology is suitable for all existing slotted vertical anti-seepage walls, especially suitable for vertical anti-seepage fields with high requirements for anti-seepage levels, such as risk control of polluted sites, renovation and management of old landfills, etc.

Installation diagram of GCL composite components

List of GCL Vertical Barrier Projects Completed in the Past 5 Years


Project Name

Construction Time


Jinghai District Dongcheng Existing Landfill Environmental Treatment Project



Remediation Project of Informal Waste Landfill in Luqiao Town, Dingyuan County



Remediation Project of Informal Garbage Dumping Site in Yingbin Village, Shencheng Town, Yingshang County



Comprehensive treatment project of GCL composite vertical anti-seepage barrier at Fengzhuangzi garbage temporary storage site in Ninghe



Vertical seepage prevention project for the renovation project of informal garbage dumping point in Chahe Town, Lai'an County



EPC Project of Comprehensive Renovation of Wanggang Informal Waste Landfill in Bengbu City



Vertical seepage prevention project of Huoshan County Living Landfill Closure Project


Compared with another HDPE flexible vertical curtain, the GCL vertical barrier technology is developed on the basis of the traditional vertical anti-seepage wall. Its construction technology and construction efficiency are basically the same as those of the conventional vertical anti-seepage wall, and the construction difficulty is small. , the construction efficiency is high. GCL vertical barrier technology adopts lap connection vertically, which is simple in construction and can meet the vertical laying of ultra-deep grooves. It is different from the lock connection method used by HDPE vertical curtains, which is difficult to construct and easy to leak at the joint. The cost of GCL vertical barrier technology is about 1/2 of that of HDPE flexible vertical curtain, and the economic benefits are outstanding. Considering factors such as safety and reliability, construction period and economy, GCL vertical barrier technology is currently the most recommended flexible vertical barrier technology.

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