Mine ecological restoration


The daily mining rates, scale of single-site operations, and costs associated with mining increase every year. Advances in extraction technologies have greatly increased recovery rates from ore bodies. Mine designs previously thought to be too big to be possible are achieved every year or two so that an average mine today is significantly larger than an average mine just 10 years ago.

We are facing a lot of issues after mining, such as stable of slag stacking, heavy metal pollution, ecological restoration, TMAT® Mining Revegetation GCL is to add a layer of plant growth nutrition layer on the GCL, the lower layer of clay liner has excellent impermeability and water retention effect, the upper layer of nutrition for the growth of plants to provide sufficient nutrients.

Due to the damage to vegetation caused by mining, the lack of soil and the presence of acid and heavy metal pollution in the slag and waste rock dump, it is difficult to restore vegetation naturally. , in order to maintain the ecological cycle of the mine. The special waterproof blanket for environmental restoration (abbreviated as FU-GCL) adds a layer of plant growth nutrition layer on the sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket. The lower layer of sodium-based bentonite waterproof pad has excellent water retention and barrier properties. Provide sufficient nutrients, the product combines the isolation of harmful substances, slope protection and reinforcement, and vegetation re-greening system. This product is specially developed for mine restoration, desertification control, roof greening and other pollution control and vegetation greening under conditions of scarce soil resources. A new type of multifunctional geotechnical material.


Schematic diagram of special waterproof blanket for environmental restoration

The special waterproof blanket for environmental restoration has the following technical characteristics:

(1) Multi-layer structure, according to different usage scenarios, GCL and nutrient layer materials can be selected in a targeted manner. One construction can realize multiple functions such as anti-seepage isolation, slope protection reinforcement, site greening, etc., simplifying the construction process and saving construction cost.

(2) This product can not only provide necessary nutrients for plant growth, but also has outstanding anti-seepage isolation performance, which can prevent the spread of toxic and harmful substances in mines or storage yards.

Demonstration Project

【Background of the project】

The experimental area was selected on the southwest side slope of a dump site of a copper mine in Jiangxi Province. The soil was acidic, and the main acid-producing material was pyrite. The average pH value was 4.96, and the pH value distribution range was 2.4-6.7. The experimental area is 75m long, 20m wide and has an area of ​​1500m2. The slope surface is undulating, with a slope of 55-60°, there are many pumice stones on the surface, the slope stability is poor, there are gullies in local areas, the soil layer particle size is uneven, the texture is relatively loose, and there is almost no plant growth in the entire experimental area. The average effective copper content in the experimental area is 87.88mg/kg, the effective lead is 46.49mg/kg, and the effective zinc is 32.65mg/kg. The active concentration of heavy metals is high, which will have a toxic effect on the growth and development of plants, and will also affect soil. Structure, physical and chemical properties, and then change the rhizosphere environment of plants, and indirectly affect the growth and development of plants.

【Governance goals】

Prevent rainwater from scouring the dump, so that acid water bodies containing heavy metal pollutants pollute nearby rivers with surface runoff; restore normal annual cyclical growth of vegetation.

【Process flow】


【Governance effect】

After years of continuous monitoring and comparison with other technologies, the plants in the demonstration area of ​​the special waterproof blanket for environmental restoration are growing best, and the monitoring indicators meet the design requirements, providing a reliable product for similar ecological restoration projects. The comparison of governance effects is shown in the figure below.

Governance effect comparison chart

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