Landfill construction/closure


According to GB 50869-2013 "Technical Specifications for Sanitary Landfill Treatment of Domestic Waste", GBT 51403-2021 "Technical Standard for Anti-seepage System Engineering of Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill", Construction Standard 124-2009 "Construction of Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill Treatment Engineering Project" Standard", Construction Standard 140-2010 "Standards and Specifications for the Construction of Domestic Waste Landfill Closure Engineering Projects" and other standard requirements, the main contents of landfill construction include:
1. Main engineering and equipment: mainly include earthwork engineering, anti-seepage engineering, dam body engineering, groundwater drainage engineering, leachate/leaching water collection and drainage engineering, landfill gas collection and drainage engineering (landfill emergency life garbage), surface water diversion project (rain and sewage diversion project), environmental monitoring system, landfill paving and rolling equipment, etc.
2. Supporting projects: mainly include roads, machinery maintenance, power supply and distribution, water supply and drainage and fire protection, fence gates, flushing and watering and other facilities.
3. Production management and living service facilities: mainly include service rooms, guard rooms, etc.
With its strong scientific research strength and professional construction technical team, the company has participated in many domestic and foreign landfills, hazardous waste landfills, general solid waste landfills and landfill closure projects since its establishment in 2009. Construction or material supply.
Everbright Green Environmental Protection (Chifeng) Project--New Landfill
The project is a general industrial second-class solid waste landfill construction project, with a total storage capacity of 500,000 m³, of which the first phase of the project is 50,000 m³, and the anti-seepage construction area is about 12,000 square meters, including earthwork, groundwater drainage, and anti-seepage in the landfill reservoir area. Systems, leachate drainage, surface water drainage, environmental monitoring projects, regulating pools, roads, weighbridge houses, door guards, electrical installations and greening projects. Our company entered the site for construction in May 2020, and the project was completed in July.


Siyang County Landfill Upgrade and Reconstruction Project--Coverage Project

The Siyang County Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill Upgrade and Reconstruction Project covers a total area of ​​371.73 mu, including excavation, backfilling, shaping, partial closure, rainwater ditch, bottom film and covering film in the landfill storage area. Welding, etc. Our company will enter the construction site in April 2021, and the project will be completed in July.

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