TMAT® professional landfill lining and capping system solution provider

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Contaminated Site

TMAT® professional contaminated site control and capping solution provider

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Hydraulic Engineering

TMAT® professional anti-seepage products manufacture and installation for Hydraulic Engineering

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TMAT® committed to heavy metal isolation and mining revegetation

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Vertical Anti-seepage Barrier

TMAT® is the founder of GCL Composite Vertical Anti-Seepage Barrier

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Construction Anti-seepage

TMAT® is your trusty anti-seepage butler

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As a leader in the development of the industry, we are very aware of the problems that GCL has in the production and use process. In order to make GCL the best result, we have launched GCL "A.P.I." service plan to provide customers with GCL full service from source to finish.


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The company has always stood at the forefront of the GCL industry, through the upgrading of process equipment and team building, to improve the company's product quality and service level to meet the diverse needs of customers and open up new application areas.

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We will post the latest project information here, and solve the problem of penetration prevention in our project through our patented technology.

A delegation led by Wang Jinfeng, Chairman of Mengxin Industrial Co., Ltd., visited Tianjin Zhonglia

On June 17th, a delegation led by Wang Jinfeng, Chairman of Mengxin Industrial Co., Ltd., arrived at Tianjin Zhonglian Green for investigation and exchange. The purpose of this visit was to enhance mutual understanding and seek new opportunities for techn

Our company has officially announced the release of the standard titled "Sodium Bentonite Barrier Ma

On June 7, 2024, our company is proud to announce the official release of the standard titled "Sodium Bentonite Barrier Mats for Highways" (T/CHTS 20042-2024) by the China Highway and Transportation Society, which we have participated in developing. This

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