Demo project of sodium bentonite GCL at Gemang Highway Qinghai Province


With the cooperation of Highway ResearchInstitute Ministry of Transport, Shanghai University, Southeast University, EngineeringTesting Center of Shanghai Survey & Design Institute Co., LTD, and thesupport of general contractor of Geemu-Laomangai highway extension project, theinstallation of a demo project of sodium bentonite GCL (GCL-R) for highwayconstruction was carried out during 3-4, June 2022. GCL-R is a kind of new reinforcedbarrier material specific for the use of highway subgrade, featured with high resistanceto saline-alkaline, frost heave, and puncture, along with excellent barrierperformance. Multiple sensors were buried under the material to monitor the changesof underlayer temperature, moisture and geology deformation. GCL-R applicationeffect at highway subgrade will be verified through regular highway test method. 

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